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Frequently Asked Questions

We have tried to make simple and easy. Answers to your questions can be found below.
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What is allows users to find and book appointments online from anywhere and at anytime.


How does it work? is easy and intuitive. Please see:

  • Help pages for business accounts (Service Providers, please visit our blog for more how-to’s and tips on how to best use
  • Help pages for client accounts for help on how to use

Why are some of my appointments not immediately confirmed? encourages businesses to enable instant confirmation of appointments. However, some of our business customers have said that they would like to confirm certain appointments themselves. In these cases, you are NOT CONFIRMED until you receive an email from or the status on your calendar says “confirmed.”


What happens if two people request the same appointment at the same time? is a real-time scheduling program so the first person to complete their appointment request is granted the appointment.


Can I use my mobile phone to

Yes. We have iPhone and Android apps. Download them from the App Store or Google Play markets.



Yes. You may book appointments for free, 24/6 365 days a year. For your business you can take up to 20 appointments a month for free. If you need to take more than 20 appointments per month, or need digital billing, you have the option to upgrade your account for $29.00/month. And the first month is free while you’re giving us a test drive. See our pricing page for more detail.


Why is my favorite hairdresser, span, tire guy, etc not on is a user-driven service. If a business or provider is not listed, we rely on businesses or customers to add their own data. It’s easy.


Can I cancel appointments?

Yes, of course. Each business has defined their cancellation policies which could include a penalty charge. If cancelling within 24 hours of an existing confirmed appointment, we recommend you also contact the business directly.


Why are only some appointment times available?

Businesses and providers can choose to make their entire calendar available to the public or only key open appointments. If you like and use the service, be sure to encourage your provider to make more appointments available.

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