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Increase your business with TYMLI

Take appointments anytime & from any place

Studies have shown when you give clients more ways to book you, they make more appointments. Tymli is mobile in the “cloud” and can be on your own website.

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Book your open appointment times

Un-booked appointment times are lost revenues that you can never recover.
We’ve built Tymli to help you market and fill your open appointment times so you can increase your business

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Book from Social Sites

Be where your clients are.

Tymli gives your tested social commerce tools to help you gain new customers and keep the ones you have.

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Get started. It’s FREE
(for a limited time) helps you get paid faster

We don’t collect any money from your customers, or tell you how much you should charge for your services.
All transactions are between you and your customers, and you keep 100% of what you charge. We’ve built in easy Paypal integeration to help you manage your collections and billing. You can elect to collect at the time the appointment is made, when the service is preformed, or invoice your client with our built in Paypal invoicing tool.

i is a full client management system

Tymli does everything the other booking systems do and more at a fraction of the costs. Tymli has more features, more services,
and is easier to use that the other systems.
You can set up your business on in minutes. Get started now – basic accounts are FREE!

Social Commerce Tools Buit-in

If you’re not doing business on social sites, you’re missing a big revenue opportunity..
At, we’ve built social marketing tools to help You book appointments from and sell products on social sites.

We show you your client’s social status to help you identify your most influential clients so you can leverage their “Social Cred” to increase your business and client base.

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Do your own couponing and flash sales

Make your own coupons and publish them on Social Sites, your own website, and include them in your email markings. give you the tools and makes it easy. You can make coupons for your traditionally slow times, and only have that offer available to those time slots. will market your coupons on the front page and our mobile advertising initiatives to help you drive more business.

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Book classes and sessions

With, you can take appointments for classes or seminars. You can set the number of persons allows for a given time period and only take that number of reservations per session.

This works for Yoga classes, spinning classes, seminars, or any other time slot that requires more than one attendee.

Get your own branded web presence gives you your own website where you can take appointments, publish your coupons, see a list of your employees, show directions to your business, and pull in your Yelp reviews if you choose to.

You get a lot, but you don't pay a lot

Grow your business for FREE – for a limited time, all businesses accounts are

Sign up today and don’t miss out on a fantastic offer.