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Search for and Save Your Favorite Businesses

    To make a list of your Preferred Service Provider, weather they are a registered business on tymli.com or not, click on the “Favorites” tab then the “Find more” button and search by the business name, location or business type. Then, you can add your favorite businesses by clicking on the “Plus” sign by the company’s name. On your preferred service provider list, you can make an on-line appointment if that particular company has a green calendar icon in the “Options” column. Green calendar icons are for businesses that are registered on www.tymli.com and can take on-online appointment requests. If the company on your list has a red calendar icons, then that means that it is not on www.tymli.com and cannot take on-line appointments. However, you can still save that company on your favorite list.

Make Appointments:

    Click on the ”Appointments” tab, then click on the“click here to schedule an appointment” link. A separate window will open and you will be able to search for a provider by clicking on the down arrow menu. You have the option to search by business name, location or type of business. Pick the provider of your choice and click on their calendar icon located by their name. Choose a date and time for your appointment, and click Finish. A message will appear with your confirmation for your appointment.
    You can also make an appointment from your ”Favorite Providers” list. Just click on the calendar icon on the right.

Check your appointments:

    Click on the appointment tab found in the upper right hand corner. You’ll get detailed info about your Pending appointment. Click on the Detail icon if you want to check and see if your appointment has been confirmed, or if you want to reschedule or cancel.


    You can update your profile by going to the “Accounts” tab and editing your phone number, email, change your password, etc; then click “Submit” to save the info.

Video on how to make your own personalized business list on tymli.com:

Invite your service providers to join tymli: